Kart Rider

Online cart racing game originally in Korean

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    Racing games

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    7.8 (139)

Kart Rider is a simple, yet fun kart racing game. If you've played Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 console, you will immediately spot some similarities between the two games. In Kart Rider, you control a small cartoon character sitting low on their kart and going through the different race tracks at blazing fast speeds.

Unlike some other racing games on today's market that aim for realism and quality graphics above all, Kart Rider is a lot more simple and is thus likely to be well received by children and people who aren't big gamers. The game's graphics may remind some older players of what the first PlayStation console had to offer.

The gameplay and controls are very similar to Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing and other kart games made for a younger audience. While there's a few different vehicles and characters to select from, all with their unique attributes, the karts are all easy to control, even at full speed. You can bump into other players, go off the paved track or mistime your turn during a curve without a guaranteed crash.

Kart Rider brings you fun and colorful scenery and track elements, without being too overwhelming in this area. Another big advantage of Kart Rider is that it isn't too demanding as far as system resources go, allowing you to play the game even on older PCs. It can even run fine on a 15-year-old computer using the Windows 98 operating system.

There aren't any major bugs or other problems in Kart Rider that affect gameplay. The only noticeable issue reported by some players is the game's main menu lagging or some words disappearing from the screen for a few seconds when a menu option is highlighted. However, this doesn't affect the operation of the game in any way.


  • Simple and fun kart racing game.
  • Can run without difficulty on older PCs.
  • Vehicles are easy to control, even for novice players.
  • Overall "cartoon" theme makes game perfect for children.


  • Some display issues have been reported with the game's main menu.

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